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Ok what is better than hot wet fearless sex, the insatiable clawing breathless kind…the kind that is so good it actually feels illicit! Nasty sex, great nasty sex, shamelessly nasty sex….where you first lose sense of being anything other than a golden vagina jackpot, but then lose even that until all that remains is.… a black hole… turning inside out.

What could possibly be better than that!
The 5th Level of Orgasm of course!

Well before I go there…perhaps we better cover the first  4 levels of orgasm so that we can fully appreciate why the 5th is so special!

In the teachings of the Sweet Medicine Chuluaqui Quodoushka from the Metis Deer Tribe, there are four levels of orgasm that can be experienced by both men and women.

“I am describing just the basics of each level of orgasm here. As in the Quodoushka each level effects all levels of being in different ways.

First Level of Orgasm: At this level there is a moderate amount of physical satisfaction, but no real spiritual or heart connection. A desire to be held, cuddled and talked to may arise or a desire to be left alone. Your mind can be either talkative or shut-off. During orgasm there are involuntary contractions.

Second Level of Orgasm: At this level there is more physical satisfaction, release and balancing and the beginning of a spiritual and heart connection. There is a desire to give and nurture. This experience can be more meditative. The body is glowing, flushed and tingling.

Third Level of Orgasm: At this level there is much more fulfillment and connection in all aspects of our beings. There is a desire to give, stroke, cuddle and you may find yourself laughing. There is a wonderful camaraderie and joy in being together. You may find yourself moving into a dream state, then become talkative. The body is humming and vibrating.

Fourth Level of Orgasm: At this level there is a complete fulfillment and merging of all aspects of our beings. You may experience bliss and love for all, an open, pure heart/love-light connection to the Allness of life. You may find a cohesion with your partner and a merging of your energies.”

They go on to say about the 4th level….

When two people come together to make love, it is through orgasm that they can feel an even deeper merging and oneness of being. They are in an expanded state of loving in which there are no boundaries.

This is the magical state in which the two life force energies coming together truly create a new energy – Quodoushka Energy or Orende which can be used for healing, for manifesting desires into physical reality , for expanding the lairen or just for pleasure.

This is very true! Alas for most people who attain this level of sexual experience, the knowledge of the magical potential that exits, the understanding of the power they have access to…remains no more than a whisper of intuition. (As a side note…as a woman, if you have attained female ejaculation this is a good indicator you are level 4, but . we can get into that another time!)

So then, if level 4 is intrinsically magical, but unconscious for most…what do you think level 5 is…..

Well, let me tell you what I think is..

I think it is knowing that your blazing searing orgasm will hack into the very nature of reality to bend the entire universe to your will!       Yep..knowing that you are literally a sex god! And of course reaping the benefits of your “goddish” ways!

I am generally a “very much in the NOW” kinda girl when it comes to “my pleasure”. I think that is why I enjoy it so very much, but I do take “the knowing”, that some future event is going to “go my way” as the cherry on the top! It is the straw that breaks the camels back…it is the flutter of  a butterfly’s wing that pushes my orgasms into the 5th level.

I call it Sex Casting : ) using the intense transcendental force of orgasm to cast my spells into the magical dream world where creation actually happens.

It’s a kind of sex magick! At the very least it tinkers with the fabric of the universe to move the odds into your favor! (Think of it as your own personal self-directed butterfly effect!) or at most, sex magick allows for things that should not be, to be made possible.

Pretty cool huh!

So next time you think you might be in store for “one of those nights”, and if you want to try out your own “goddish ways” spend a little time thinking about what is your will…..what would you actually change with magick…what is your intent! You see, even the most effective magicians spend more time on this than anything.

As Nick Margerrison of Disinformation explains. “This is the hardest part. You need to imagine what it is you want as clearly as possible. Then refine it until you’ve got a vision of what it is you ‘really’ want. Then refine it again after you’ve imagined the earth shifting upon its axis in order to grant this wish over the next few years. Check you’re good with the consequences and then, refine it again. I can’t emphasise this enough.”

I can tell you….IT is most often not what you at first you think IT is!

Oh and my last piece of advice….….practice! Practice makes perfect! At least that’s my story and I am sticking to it! He he he….

For more info on the 4 levels of Orgasm see

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After several questions from lovely readers I would like to make a point very clear. For the purpose of casting/ or activating your magic ANY LEVEL of orgasm will work.  As Margo Anand writes in The Art of Sexual Ecstasy…”To successfully perform magic of any kind you need a focused mind––and sex really focuses your attention. “Orgasm, by its very nature, requires your total participation,”. During orgasm you’re utterly present, completely in the moment. And when you do sex magic you kick things up a notch. You throw another log on the fire and fan the flames. Sex magic propels you into a mind-body-spirit experience. Your mind creates an intention, your body provides the fuel, and Spirit guides the result.

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