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The Beautiful Lie – Magick , Mind Control The Art of Self Reflection / Deception


This blog is called Magick Works…because it does. Even if you do not think you can do can. Even if you think it is not being done to is.

Here is one powerful story of Magick and how it shapes the world we live into today.


I AM the creator or my reality!

It sounds good doesn’t it ? It even feels good to be accountable, to take responsibility for the way things are in my life. It is the hallmark of my consciousness, the calling card of the fact that I AM awakened.
I AM responsible for my finances

I AM responsible for my relationships

I AM responsible for my drama

I AM not a victim!
Oh yes!

It even gives you a sense of control, something that is sorely lacking in the chaotic insane, hard and cruel and even tragic world we live in…and like those other top shelf shiny beliefs we hold,…there is a LOT of truth to it…

There is an indisputable logical argument that I am playing a role in my financial situation.
There is even a stronger one that I am the root of the discord within my relationships, and this belief is compounded by the fact that when I do reflect, take responsibility and go inside and master, or manage myself…relationships improves.

Yes! It is a seductive, delicious, argument for the awakened me, the conscious me. It gives me hope because if I can change it on the inside, then it will change on the outside…and I can do that! I have changed and I have grown! This belief is an affirmation of something I believe to be true about myself…

And here is the best part! The Magick part!

When you are busy looking inside of you and taking responsibility for the cause of discomfort in your life, even going so far as to claim responsibility for all evil in this world, guess where you are not looking…AT THEM. The ones who are REALLY doing evil.

Here is where realty has been hacked by “The Powers That Be”, to bend you to their will….to keep you looking inside, in keeping your from judging, in keeping you from acting in the world against evil.
Here is where your alibi comes from for not taking action in the real world…because it is not “out there, it is all “in here”.
It is called solipsism

  1. the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist.

And the reason it has be perpetuated and ingrained so deeply is is that with solipsm there is no truth there is no justice and evil can run a muck.
The idea originated with Descartes who asserted that he could not doubt his own existence because to doubt implies a doubter. Everything else, the entire Universe itself, might exist only as a figment of his imagination.

It is well known in philosophy that this assertion is logically unassailable. “How can you prove me wrong? You are a figment of my overactive imagination, so only I can prove me wrong!”,

And it is an extension of this axiom that leads us to the idea that we create our own reality.

You know your grandma would think you crazy for this kind of thinking, but we seem to have fallen for it hook line and sinker.

The problem is…even while it does admittedly seem to work on smoothing out micro problems in OUR PERONAL world, our drama, our relationships; it only does so to a degree. For one thing, it is not terribly easy to reconcile true solipsism with our experiences when things go REALLY bad.

Why do I create pain, war rape, murder, and child molestation in my reality?

One argument is that it is not actually me…it is ME, my higher self creating lessons for me to learn and grow from. “That which does not kill me makes me stronger” kind of thing. While again there is SOME truth to that in some situations, and while it makes the pain of life more “meaningful” in that it takes the cruelty out of the possibility that life is random and chaotic and sometimes bad thing just happen to good people, there is no empirical evidence that it is TRUE! 100% empirical truth.

Correlation does not imply causation.

What then is the TRUTH.

A really easy way of defining truth came to be recently via Mark Passio whose videos I am drinking greedily like good champagne….I simply just cannot get enough Boli Darling!

He defines truth as “something that has happened or is happening”…nothing more, nothing less, and so by definition the truth cannot exist in the future, it is not up to consensus or interpretation.

So it is TRUE I am typing this now. It is TRUE I went to bed last night,

\Let that sink it for a minute.

So then by this definition, is it TRUE that I am the cause of all of the evil in this world?

Is it TRUE that if I eliminate evil within me that I will eliminate the war without?


Simply, beautifully, no.

So then is it TRUE that children in Africa are attracting stravation because of something inside of them, or that I am creating starving children in Africa ?

\Is it TRUE that bad things can happen to good people sometimes for no reason ? – yes

All of that cognitive dissonance, the pain of trying to take responsibility for the horrible shit in your life that is TRULLY not your fault gets to go away….to leave room for the truth!

\So lets go back to truth

When we look at the past and see people who have made changes in the world, (assuming that is what you want to do)…for good or for evil, or even for entertainment…did they just do it on the inside, or did they do it on the outside too.

Did Ghandi, Hitler, Edward Bernaise, Mother Teresa, Elton John, George Bush do what they did….on ONLY the inside, or the outside too ? Outside….they DID things. Things Happened. You can interpret them as you choose but you cannot deny they happened. TRUTH

This does not however mean that self-reflection is wasted. Self-reflection is critical! KNOW THYSELF being the most important undertaking of our lives. It just requires discernment. And only from knowing yourself can Right action be taken. Moral action. Just action. The kind of action that can change the world…and this is the scary part.

While we do loose the cognitive dissonance, we now gain the responsibility to ACT when we see thing immoral or in just, and that is a lot harder. In fact when interviewing people for The Great Work, on of our “teachers” even asked Chance not to tell her something because if she “knew” she would be forced to act! And morally we all should act.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

The good news, the GREAT news though is that if we embrace this idea, as well as we have embraced the lie – and act together – we will see change in the world, very quickly. The only reason the would is the way it is because we allow it though inaction.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Be is a verb

A verb is a word used to describe ACTION.




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