November 12, 2015 Vanese Mc Neill

“Ok if you can do Magick, then how come you don’t win the lotto ?”

falling dollars

Yeah, I know that is a BIG one!

It was a really big one for me too…. knowing as many prominent, skilled & talented magicians as I do. I had read their books and observed their lives and it just did not make sense to me…”Look! If you can do what you say you can do…then for gods sake…Magick up some money won’t ya…and then give me some!!!!!” : )


It was not until a new term was coined, well new to me anyway…. that things started to fall into place and I started to understand. All of a sudden my previous experiences with Magick began to make sense!

You see I have had some amazing experiences with Magick and some pitiful ones.

My biggest success has always been with what I call “Desperation Magick”. Let me give you an example of that…

In 2008 I broke my neck and landed myself in hospital around the world from my home with no income. I was going to be there/here for a while as well. At least 3 months in hospital, and I needed to provide food and housing for my husband while he was here.

He had not even brought his guitar so busking was out of the question…and the ONLY hope I had of money at all was getting 2 clients to pay me money that had not paid me in almost a year!!!

It was not like I had not tried either. I had done everything I could bar getting nasty to get paid! But no money had been forthcoming.

Things were starting to get a little uncomfortable, and I did not know what else I could do trapped in a halo and on crutches, so on my death bed ( hahaha bit dramatic but I did look like this)

I decided to try some Magick.

You wont believe it, because I did not either, but over the next 2 days BOTH clients paid, and I made enough money to get through this period!

There have been other cases like this, Magick that have saved me ass when I really needed it saving, and I will share them with you. They made me BELIEVE in Magick, and generally as a result I used to get cocky and started casting spells to win lotto! Lets call that “Greedy Magick”! This, of course is when my Magick failed me, and it was not until I understood what I am about to share with you that I got why “Desperation Magick” seemed to work so well…and “Greedy Magick” did not.

But let’s back up for a moment…what was the coined term that helped me wrap my head around Magick…. It was PROBABILITY Magick!

Let me explain.

First, as much as we might imagine or hope that it can, Magick cannot work against physical laws ( well as far as I understand). What it can and does do however is manipulating probability.

Just think about that for a moment……

Were those guys going to pay me… PROBABLY…but they had not…for a very long time, until I did Magick!!!! Do you see where I am going!

Magick (at least this kind and there are many kinds, so I do not want to limit possibility here) allows you to hack reality to bend the universe to your will, and this can create wonderful coincidences. It can help to attract positive synchronicity into your life.

As Robs Magick Blog point out “The truth is that Magick can create undeniable change in the world, even if it manifests as the tiniest event or impulse. The root word is: manifest. All things exist in the probable level of the universe. What you actually experience in this realm is that which manifest. The aim is to push probabilities one way or the other to the extent you desire it to move.”

Here are what two of my favorite Magi’s have to say, we will start with Gordon White,

“What magic does is enhance the probability of certain outcomes over others.

It loads the dice. It stacks the deck. And if you do it right it stacks the deck in your favour.

I’m not calling you ugly or anything, but let’s say there is a one in six chance you will get laid if you hit the bars tonight. Magic, properly deployed, will bring that down to a one in three.

This neatly gets around the curious phenomenon of when a spell doesn’t work. When you think about it, magic is weirder because it doesn’t work all the time, not because it actually works. It’s not like your brain can forget the colour ‘blue’ some days and not others.

But if you consider your results probabilistically, they did work. They all worked. Your lottery spell worked. It dropped your chances down from 1 in 328 million to 1 in 24 million. You still lost. You chose a silly target.

Here’s how my all-time magical hero puts it:

“Daunting probabilities often appear for complex tasks like winning in war or business or love from a weak initial position; however all of those steps involved in winning may not actually look so impossible individually.

The probability of throwing a dozen heads consecutively comes out at a desperate 0.000024, so only one person in four thousand might achieve it on average. However each individual step has a 0.5 probability and a magician with any sense will choose to attack such steps individually rather than go head to head against such formidable odds.”
Peter J Carroll. The Octavo.


I just want to go one step further. For me Magick is about doing everything you can to ensure an outcome in the material world, and adding energy to the ethereal in order to fuck with the probabilities to make then go in your favor, so to go back to getting paid,

  • They were probably going to pay me
  • I acted in the material world…I wrote another email
  • and then did Magick.

I did the material and the ethereal.

My Magick probably worked on lotto too….my odds probably went from 1 in 50 Billion to 1 in 25 Billion, but I could not see it, and so I thought it failed me.

Now let me step back again for a moment and just once again iterate this point. A tenant of Probability magic would seem to indicate that Magick should only work if the outcome is probable. I do not like this, and my gut tells me this is probably not at all the case. For me it is a kin to picking up a violin. Is my expectation that I can just pick one up and play JS Bach’s Chaconne from Partita in d minor?

I have included it here just so you can see how silly that idea would be….

So why would I think I can do BIG Magick off that bat without years of training and practice! I simply believe I could not do that, just as much as I could not play the violin without the years of experience…. but I can make squeaks!!!!!! And those squeaks have been beyond impressive, they have saved my ass!

Look at the end of the day is no way to “prove” the existence of Magic anyway and if you are looking for Lotto Wins to help you believe it is real then you are probably not going to put the effort in to play with Magick and will miss out on one of the most fun exploration of your life!!!

Don’t do that! Play with Magick. Use your own mind and reality as the laboratory. If you find yourself consistently beating the odds and moving probability in your favor, you’re indeed doing magic. The way to learn magic is to use it in ways that you can quantify…and then who knows…BIG Magick might be next!

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