Public Working #1

Even Magick Momma’s and Witchy Women have a point where enough is enough! And when it is, we have to take matters into our own hands. Well I have reached that point, and for kicks I thought I just might share my process with you as a little experiment.

You see about 2 years ago now my “best client ever” passed away suddenly leaving me totally bereft as well as lacking a rather large final payment on work I had literally just completed for him. As a result I had to go through all the hoo-hah of probate, which recently closed. YAY! I was so excited to finally get my money and it could not come at a better time as I could use it to get the final interviews needed to complete the new Magical Egypt!

Well no YAY! : ( Guess what…the bank is refusing to pay! They currently have all the paperwork they need via the court, and even with a fiduciary relationship to the Executor, they are not only refusing to pay but also refusing to communicate with the executors lawyer!

OK so lets look at this through Magickal Eyes for a moment….

What is Magick in my mind…. Magick is doing everything you can to ensure an outcome in the material, and adding energy to the ethereal in order to fuck with the probabilities in your favor.

What have I done on the physical….

I have consulted with a friend who is a bank manager in order to determine tactics to handle this

I have offered them the services of my company Sledge Hammer Systems that employs “influence” to get desired outcomes, such as using social media commentary that may impact their reputation, which might be useful.

And I have talked to the Executor and the Lawyer ad nauseam.

There is really nothing more I can do on the physical unless they accept my offer to “Sledge Hammer”.

So then I have met requirement number one.

Now in my post the other day about “winning lotto” via Magick I pointed out that Magick works better, at my level of Magick anyway, when the outcome is PROBABLE. So then, it is actually probably that the bank will pay us. Yes it is, very! By law they should…. but they have not!By my counts then, this should be a good situation to do an operation on. One day I will get into the specifics of how I do what I do but for no I will just show you the Sigil I have created and an working with ( above).

Now all I need is a 5LO – any volunteers: )

I will keep you posted on how it goes!



UPDATE: Charged Sigil Wednesday 18th

UPDATE Friday 19TH:

We are getting closer to collecting the funds from the credit union.  Allow another 10 days or so.   But please send me the amount of the balance due on your claim so I have it when the funds come in.  Thanks.


Law offices of XXXXX. XXXXXXX


“Ok if you can do Magick, then how come you don’t win the lotto ?”

There have been other cases like this, Magick that have saved me ass when I really needed it saving, and I will share them with you. They made me BELIEVE in Magick, and generally as a result I used to get cocky and started casting spells to win lotto!

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